About Us

Gård, meaning “farm” in many of the Scandinavian languages, is a tribute to our family’s Scandinavian heritage and farming tradition.

Gard Vintners is a family-owned and operated winery that seeks to capture the quality of their estate vineyard in the glass.

The Lawrence family, founders of Gård Vintners, has been farming the Royal Slope, near Royal City, Wash., in Washington’s Columbia Valley for over 45 years.

Brothers Hervey “Sandy” Lawrence and John Lawrence, along with John’s son Josh Lawrence, were proud to launch Gård Vintners, a product of Lawrence Cellars, in 2006.

Learn more about our estate vineyard.

About Josh & Lisa Lawrence

Gård Vintners was created in 2006 from the vision of managing partner, Josh Lawrence, to reflect the quality of their estate vineyard in the glass.

Josh grew up in Royal City, a small agricultural town located 30 miles south of Moses Lake and 45 miles east of Ellensburg in the Columbia Valley. He went to Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma where he majored in business administration and met his future bride, Lisa Lawrence, who majored in communications and grew up in Olympia.

Josh returned to Royal City after college to farm for a few years, then moved to Redmond, Wash., where he married Lisa. At the time, Lisa was riding the dot-com wave in marketing and public relations, while Josh was working in sales and later started a wine importing business.

The couple moved to Royal City in 2001, and not long after Josh started Lawrence Vineyards in partnership with his dad, John Lawrence, and uncle, Sandy Lawrence, who have been farming the Royal Slope for more than 40 years. Together, they launched Gård Vintners in 2006.

Josh and Lisa currently reside in Royal City with their two daughters. Josh is managing partner of Gård Vintners and CFO of Lawrence Enterprises (which includes apple orchards, cherry orchards, Lawrence Vineyards, and a variety of row crops such as wheat, hay and beans). Lisa is the marketing and public relations director for the operation. The couple welcomes your email: josh@gardvintners.com and lisa@gardvintners.com.

About Winemaker Aryn Morell

Aryn grew up in Western Washington and left to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, originally for the golf program but ended up studying Chemistry at the College of Sciences there. Looking to continue that path to a career in Chemical Engineering, he spent a weekend in Napa Valley and was convinced by his brother that he should come to the Valley and experience the wine industry. After a few great meals and some great bottles of wine, Aryn began work in the wine industry of Napa Valley in late 2003. He started as a lab technician for Golden State Vintners, who at the time was the fifth largest winery in the United States. He soon moved to share time at their ultra-premium property, Edgewood Estates. Aryn left GSV to go through an official winemaking internship at Silver Oak, Napa Valley. Looking to further his knowledge, he then went to work for a company that focused on Chemical Engineering within the wine industry from 2005 – 2008, and it was here that Aryn says he gained huge insights on the industry as the company had almost 900 clients. Through this company Aryn personally worked at wineries such as Joseph Phelps, Quintessa, Hundred Acre, Husic, Hartwell, Chimney Rock, Caldwell Vineyards, Vineyard 29, Chappellet, Rutherford Hill, Spring Mountain Winery, Stags Leap Winery, Turnbull, Elyse and countless others. He has always said that being able to achieve something in the winery usually means you needed to experience it at another place. Well, having been in most of the wineries that we all love, he has the unique ability to say he has actually seen those things first hand.

Aryn has been in Washington state since 2007 after taking over the winemaking at Matthews Estate in Woodinville. Since that point he has made some of Washington’s highest rated Sauvignon Blancs, as well as Syrahs that have never scored below 91 points in Wine Spectator. He also makes the wine for Tenor Wines, a new winery with a reserve-only program focused on making Washington’s greatest single varietals and one proprietary red blend.


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