The scene is very typical, you’re preparing for a very special dinner party, you’ve invited all your favorite friends (the special ones who make you laugh all night long), spent a ridiculous amount of hours cleaning (based on the amount of toys you put away, you’re not sure how many kids you’re living with), and followed that marinated filet recipe to the every last detail (even made a special order for morel mushrooms), now you need the most perfect wine. You reach into the cellar to find two reds and a white, BUT then you ask yourself, are these the very best wines to drink tonight, and you’re now stumped? Take our advice, ask the winery, always, always ask before you leave what the optimal drinking window is on the wines you just purchased.

From the winemaker’s perspective, they are out to produce a wine that is able to be consumed when it’s released (or shortly after), but in reality, that doesn’t always happen. Bottling, labeling, movement to storage and distribution greatly affect when the wine ends up in the consumer’s hands, this ultimately can hurt your drinking experience (especially if you end up uncorking a bottle too early, or even worse, too late). Aryn Morell, Gård winemaker, broke down the current vintages into the range in years. First off, we want to stress that this isn’t how long you could age the wines, but how long the wine will show youthful fruit before real age fatigue sets in. And secondly, we stress that it’s important to aerate red wines to get best tasting experience. Uncork it a few hours before dinner and pour yourself a glass, if it needs a little air, decant it, but don’t miss the magic happen in your glass. Refer to the chart below on the optimal drinking window for the current Gård releases.Optimal-Drinking-WindowFinally, don’t ever hesitate to shoot us an email ( if you have any questions about a Gård wine, we’ll try to get back to you right away (even at 6pm on a Friday night – but you might owe us an invite to the next party).