Gård, meaning “farm,” pays tribute to our rich Scandinavian heritage and farming tradition.

Gård’s managing partner, Josh Lawrence’s paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Hegg — the Hegg family farm is still in operation in Mølnbukt, and Josh has relatives who still live near there. Additionally, Josh has other relatives — the Nupens and Nordgards — who live near Trondheim.

Josh’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Borgen. The Borgen farm was founded in 1331 in Norway, and is currently owned and operated by Vidar Strom, a relative, near Kløfta by the Oslo Airport. In the middle ages, the Borgen farm was owned by the Oslo Cathedral and later by a nun monastery.

Josh’s wife Lisa is also of Scandinavian heritage. Lisa’s great grandmother, Josie (Keen) Johnson, was Norwegian – her parents immigrated as children and settled in Minnesota.

Lisa’s great grandfather, Harry Eldon Johnson, was Swedish. His family settled in Galesburg, Illinois, where they lived near author-poet Carl Sandburg who was good friends with Harry’s older brothers. In fact, Sandburg (also the son of Swedish immigrants) talks about Harry’s brothers in his biography.

We’re members of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, proud supporters of the Swedish Cultural Center in Seattle, and also sponsor the world’s 3rd largest Syttende Mai (17th of May, Norwegian Constitution Day) celebration in Seattle each year.

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The Lawrence family at the farm in Royal City, WA., 2015.