You sit down at your favorite restaurant and pick up the wine list to find your local wine has been marked up 200%. What?!? As shock sets in your continue to look over the menu hoping to find a recognizable name, the pressure sets in, your waiter stands above you tapping her foot waiting for an answer. Your sweetheart is across the table smiling sweetly hoping you’re on your game tonight. No pressure. This is it, the most important decision, will the wine pair well, will she like it, how will you even pronounce it? Finally, you ask for the house red knowing full well that it wasn’t the best decision, if only you had grabbed that special bottle at home, you know the one you saved from the last time you were downtown and she raved about how much she liked it. Let us warn you, grab the bottle. In fact, pick one up today and avoid the situation above. This Valentine’s Day we’re offering 30% off two of our favorite food-friendly wines, 2012 Grand Klasse Reserve Rosé and 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon (no limit, 2/12 – 2/14 only), and as a special treat we’ve compiled a list of local restaurant corking fees:

The Porch (608 N. Main St., Ellensburg) – $7.00

The Palace (323 N Main St, Ellensburg) – $12.00

Ellensburg Pasta Company (600 N Main St, Ellensburg) – $10.00

Valley Cafe (105 W. 3rd Ave. ,  Ellensburg) – $15.00

The Tav (117 W 4th Ave, Ellensburg) – $5.00

Cave B (344 Silica Road Northwest, Quincy) – $15.00

Swiftwater Cellars (301 Rope Rider Dr., Cle Elum) – $20.00

Dining in? Join us for a glass of wine with your sweetheart and receive half off our new molten lava cake appetizer.


However, if you’re looking for a special dish at home (she’d LOVE if you baked too), check out some of our favorite desserts:

Salty with sweet, try this easy dump cake or maybe brownies are more your thing.

Keeping it light? Pair this treat with the 2012 Riesling Ice wine and we guarantee it’ll be a winner.

Planning a night with friends, don’t forget the Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Pretzels?

If you’re a red velvet fan, this looks amazing.

vday_treatWhatever your happen to do, have a very sweet weekend and enjoy the day of love <3.