Welcome to the world behind Gård Vintners, well I take that back. Technically if you were in our world, you would be seated right next to me in a comfy little chair in our small farm-house office right outside Royal City, Washington just miles away from Lawrence Vineyards, the estate vineyard used to produce all of our award-winning wines. Sadly, you’re not. But we’re here to offer you a welcoming seat across the screen in the comfort of your own comfy chair, ready to give you a little glimpse inside the world, the people, and ideas that make Gård Vintners & Lawrence Enterprises.

Beyond that little introduction, you can read more about us on the cleverly named “about us” page. We formally introduce ourselves and the Lawrence Family and let you in on a little bit of our bigger story. And because we wouldn’t be us without you, there’s one BIG page dedicated to a little form on which you can ask us anything. Hear that? Anything, we even named it that “ask us anything“. { One small disclaimer, please keep it appropriate (there are young children around) and relevant, think wine not math, please not math. } We’ll answer via email or blog post to the best of our abilities, and just so you know who’s answering those questions, we’ve included a little more about “our team”, these are the faces that make up Gård Vintners. Finally we’ve also include a link to our Facebook & Twitter pages as well as the Gård website.

Look forward to seeing us again soon – in fact, every time we post something you can see it right there in your inbox. How exciting! Just scroll over to the “subscribe”  (yep, right there below that pretty little wine bottle) and type your email address in there and every time we have something to say, you’ll hear about it, wait, that didn’t come out right.